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Since being purchased in 1962 by the Mooney family, Northwest Concrete Products and Ornamental Iron has been supplying the Storm Lake and surrounding areas with quality precast concrete steps and septic tanks. Northwest Concrete also offers concrete grease traps, well pit sections, pump pits, well covers and much more! We make all of our concrete products at our plant in Storm Lake, Iowa. It means when you buy from Northwest Concrete, you are buying a quality product from a business you can trust. For more information about all of our quality precast concrete products, call our office today!



Concrete Steps

If you are looking for new concrete steps to improve the look or value of your home or business, Northwest Concrete offers a variety of quality precast Unit-Step concrete steps, made right here in Storm Lake. Call our office today for more information.

Concrete Pre-Cast Steps

Concrete Steps

Northwest Concrete precast steps are made to order. They are poured and cured at our facility in Storm Lake. With hand built rails made to fit your steps, Northwest Concrete is your source for quality precast concrete steps.

Step Variety

Concrete Steps

From homes to businesses, with different landing sizes and the option for side entrance, Northwest Concrete is here to help you decide which step option works best for you!

Your New Steps

Concrete Steps

Once your steps are ready, you can visit our shop to pick up your new steps, or we can deliver them right to your door using our purpose built Step Delivery Truck. Call Northwest Concrete today to schedule yours!


Concrete Step Sizes:

For this section, please take note:


  • Each step is considered a riser, and measures 7 1/4 inches in height.


  • The distance from your door to the first step is the platform, commonly known as a landing.


  • You will need the overall height from the bottom threshold of your door to the top of the footings your steps will sit on to determine how many risers are needed for your steps.

  • *Side entrance steps are only available in 4 Foot Wide*

  • 4 Foot Wide-

1 Riser up to 6 Riser​

With Platform Depths of 30in, 42in, and 60in

  • 5 Foot Wide-

1 Riser up to 6 Riser​

With Platform Depths of 30in and 42in

  • 6 Foot Wide-

1 Riser up to 4 Riser​

With Platform Depths of 30in and 42in

  • Side Entrance Steps-

1 Riser up to 6 Riser

With Platform Depths of 42in and 60in *




Concrete Products

Northwest Concrete manufactures high quality precast concrete products to sell to our customers. Keep scrolling to browse some of our inventory or call our office today to find out more!

Well Pits

Length: 6ft 6in  

Width: 4ft 6in

Total Height: 6ft 4in

Our concrete Well Pits are rectangle design, and have the option of a poured floor for the bottom section. They are typically sold as a three piece unit which includes the 3 well wall sections, a lid, and a concrete man hole access cover.

Pump Pits

Length: 42in

Width: 42in

Depth to Pipe: 29in

Northwest offers 100 gallon concrete Pump Pits for lift stations. These lift stations are compact and durable, and equipped with the same man hole access covers as our septic tanks.

Other Concrete Products

Northwest Concrete offers a variety of non plumbing precast products as well. From stepping stones and parking curbs to well covers and splash blocks, call our office today to see what we have for you!


Concrete Product Sizes:

Our office is happy to answer any questions you may have about our precast products.



  • Most of the products listed in this section can be picked up with a pick up truck or with a small trailer. 

  • Please call if you have any questions on pick ups or deliveries.

  • Air Conditioner Base Slabs:

Length: 24in  Width: 24in  Height: 3in

Length: 30in  Width: 32in  Height: 3in

Length: 30in  Width: 40in  Height: 3in

Length: 36in  Width: 36in  Height: 3in

Length: 24in  Width: 36in  Height: 2in

  • LP Gas Block:

Length: 28in  Width: 8in    Height: 3in​

Length: 32in  Width: 12in  Height: 3in

  • Parking Curbs:

6ft Plastic Coated


  • Round Lid:

6ft Diameter

  • Splash Block:

Length: 36in  Width: 11in  Height: 3in​

Length: 24in  Width: 12in  Height: 3in

  • Stepping Stones:

12in by 12in Square

16in Hexagon ​Shape

  • Well Covers:

Diameter of Available Sizes in Inches:  24 , 28 , 30 , 34 , 36 , 42 , 48​

  • Memorial Slabs:

Length: 28in - 78in  @ 22in Wide

Including: 22in X 36in Military

Length: 42in, 60in, 66in  @ 26in Wide



Concrete Septic Tanks

Northwest Concrete offers a range of tank sizes and styles to accommodate most needs. From our 1000 gallon tanks up to our 2000 gallon tank, with 3 inch walls and insulated lids, we have a tank for you. Including our 15-5 tank, a one piece 1500 gallon tank with a 500 gallon pump section! We also offer AdvanceTex style tanks, Roth Plastic tanks, and the Ecoflo Coco Filter System. Northwest Concrete is ready to deliver our products to anywhere in the surrounding area up to 150 miles. Please call if you have any questions or would like to schedule a delivery.


1000 Gallon Concrete Septic Tanks

Length:  9ft

Width:  5ft 8in

Depth to Inlet Pipe:  47in

1000 Gallon Concrete Septic Tank

Our 1000gal Concrete Septic Tanks are available in 2 compartment, Single Compartment, and Grease Trap configurations.

1250 Gallon Concrete Septic Tanks

Length:  11ft 6in

Width:  5ft 8in

Depth to Inlet Pipe:  45in

1250 Gallon Concrete Septic Tank

Our 1250gal Concrete Septic Tanks are available in Single and 2 Compartment configurations.

1500 Gallon Concrete Septic Tanks

Length:  11ft 6in

Width:  5ft 8in

Depth to Inlet Pipe:  53in

1500 Gallon Concrete Septic Tank

Our 1500gal Concrete Septic Tanks are available in Single, 2 Compartment, and AdvanceTex configurations.

2000 Gallon Concrete Septic Tanks  *

Length:  13ft 

Width:  6ft 6in

Depth to Inlet Pipe:  58in

2000 Gallon Concrete Septic Tank

Our 2000gal Concrete Septic Tanks are available in Single Compartment and 2 Compartment configurations.

1500-500 Septic Tank with Pump (15-5)*

Length:  13ft

Width:  6ft 6in

Depth to Inlet Pipe:  58in

1500-500 Concrete Septic Tank w/ Pump Sec

The 15-5 Concrete Septic Tank is a single unit, 1500 gallon septic tank with a 500 gallon pump chamber all in one. Give Northwest Concrete a call today to order any one of our quality tanks!

*For 2000 gallon and 15-5 tanks, please call for additional information*



More Options

Northwest Concrete is proud to offer the best products in the business. Call our office to find out more about the Ecoflo Coco Bio-Filter system by Premier Tech, or one of the Roth (RMT) Plastic Tanks we keep on hand. No matter the problem, Northwest Concrete has the solution.

EcoFlo Bio-Filter

EcoFlo Bio-Filter

Ecoflo Coco Bio-Filters eliminate the need for long runs of drainfield and offer an option where space is an issue. Each Ecoflo comes with a 10 year Shell warranty, 10 year Media warranty, a 2 year parts and labor warranty for pump, floats, and alarm boxes if equipped. Also, the first years maintenance is FREE! Call Northwest Concrete for more information or check out their website by clicking the link below.

      Length:  11ft 6in

      Width:  4ft 2in

      Depth to Inlet:  49in

Roth (RMT) Plastic Tanks

Roth Plastic Tank

Northwest Concrete also carries Roth Plastic Tanks in 1250gal and 1500gal sizes, for the places that just can't be accommodated with a concrete tank. Certified by the state of Iowa, Roth tanks are some of the best in the business. Each Roth tank comes with a lifetime corrosion protection plan and 5 years of labor insurance coverage. And they can be buried with up to 6 feet of cover! Call our office for more information or check out their website by clicking the link below.

RMT-1250 Gallon 2 Compartment:

Length:  12ft 4in

Width:  5ft 2in

Height:  4ft 3in

RMT-1500 Gallon 2 Compartment:

Length:  14ft 8in

Width:  5ft 2 in

Height:  4ft 3 in


Drainfield-Arc 36 Low Profile

Northwest Concrete offers ADS 18 inch wide Drainfield, and ADS 36 inch wide Low Profile Drainfield. Both sizes are sold in 5 foot long pieces that lock together on the ends. The 18 inch wide is compact and arched tall for strength, while the 36 inch wide are ribbed down the low profile center for strength over a lower, wider area. Northwest Concrete offers 7 and 9 hole distribution boxes with gaskets, plugs, and speed levelers on hand.

18 Inch Drainfield:

      Length:  5ft

      Width:  18in

      Height:  12in

36 Inch Drainfield:

      Length:   5ft

      Width:  36in

      Height:  8in

Riser Pipe

Riser Pipe-Dual Wall 18" Dia

Northwest Concrete carries ADS Dual Wall Pipe for our riser system. We sell it in 10 foot lengths, at 18 inch and 24 inch inside diameters, and is always in stock. Northwest also provides a 6 inch filter for our tanks, which provides simple cleaning to help keep your system flowing.


Tank Trucks

3 Trucks dedicated to delivering your septic systems. Call today to schedule your delivery!



Setting A Tank


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