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Concrete Products

Parking Curbs

Parking curbs are plastic coated and filled with concrete. These are 6' long. They come in yellow, white, grey, and blue!


Memorial Pads

We offer a wide variaty of memorial pads

22"X28"                22"x66"

22"x32"                22"x78"

22"x36"                24"x72"

22"x42"                26"x42"

22"x48"                26"x60"

22"x54"                26"x66"


Mem 14.jpg

Military Memorial Slabs

The military memorial pad comes in 36"

Mem 14.jpg

Splash Block

We have two sizes of splash block

Large -- 36" long

Small -- 24" long

Splash Block 31.jpg

Square Stepping Stones

The square stepping stone is 12"x 12"


Large and Small LP blocks

Large gas blocks dimensions - 32"x12"x3"

Small gas block dimensions -- 28"x8"x3"


Concrete covers

Concrete covers come in multiple sizes, they also come with metal lifting hooks or without. 

24"                   36"

28"                   42"

30"                   48"



Livestock bowls

The live stock bowls are sturdy and well built, great for 4H shows.


Hex Stepping Stones

These are 16"x16" concrete hex stepping stones

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