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Drain Field 

Northwest Concrete offers ADS 18 inch wide Drainfield, and ADS 36 inch wide Low Profile Drainfield. Both sizes are sold in 5 foot long pieces that lock together on the ends. The 18 inch wide is compact and arched tall for strength, while the 36 inch wide are ribbed down the low profile center for strength over a lower, wider area. Northwest Concrete offers 7 and 9 hole distribution boxes with gaskets, plugs, and speed levelers on hand.

18 Inch Drainfield:

      Length:  5ft

      Width:  18in

      Height:  12in

36 Inch Drainfield:

      Length:   5ft

      Width:  36in

      Height:  8in

Dualwall Risers

Northwest Concrete carries ADS Dual Wall Pipe for our system riser pipe. We sell it in 10 foot lengths, at 18 inch and 24 inch inside diameters. The Dual Wall fits both our septic tank and pump station lid adapters.

green lid12.jpg
green lid18.jpg

18"/24" Green Lids

These lids fit 18" or 24" dual wall risers. 

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